If you have been looking for an inspiring, patient and reliable teacher - look no more!
George Tassone has over 20 years of experience in the music industry as a guitarist, as well as songwriter and producer. He will take you right from a total beginner to an advanced player, in no time at all! 

No matter what age, ambition or style - you won't be disappointed!
George teaches from his recording studio, which provides a wonderful inspiration and exposure of different styles of sounds and music, through a variety of guitars, effects and amps, that students can choose from.


The lessons are private, generally one - on - one- Fully structured.
All ages - All levels If you have basic rhythm and a guitar you can do it!

George focuses on both lead, as well as rhythm. He provides you with resource material, thorough instruction and demonstration. You will learn how to read individual notes as well as make sense out of TAB's and of course chords.

We at New Diamond Music believe that the best and fastest way to learning is through learning actual songs and getting an exciting repertoire, so that you can play that "incredible" solo and show off!


Most popular styles: ie: POP, ROCK, FUNK, BLUES
Influences: John Mayer, Eric Clapton, The Edge - U2, Jimmy Hendrix, Jeff Beck...


Half Hour (30 min)                                     $40
One Hour (60 min)                                     $70


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