At New Diamond Music we provide a very friendly and warm atmosphere.

Whether you would like to record a DEMO
(cover or original material),
we have the ideal set up for you!

We mostly specialize in recording Singers with existing professional backing track, or live singers- instrumentalists (pianists or guitarists).

We work with the artists very closely and therefore are able to give them a lot of professional and artistic advice on how to achieve the best possible result both musically as well artistically so that they can present their music in the best light possible.

With over 20 years of experience in song-writing, recording and producing, we are quite sensitive to the different genres of music and we try to best accommodate that, by choosing the best equipment (microphones, effects etc) for the job!


Our rates are highly competitive.
One full hour (engineer only)                                    $80
One full hour (with vocal coach)                                $100