Our Mission


If you are trying to develop a ‘strong and big voice' - a la - Aretha Franklin or Christina Aquilera, and all the previous methods have failed, or you were told that you had to be ‘born to have it' - then LOOK NO MORE!!!

If you need to develop a good Repertoire and confident ‘performance skills', (including microphone technique), and despite your past training you are still fighting the ‘demons of stage fright and low self-confidence', then LOOK NO MORE!!!

If you were never taught a proper (graded) vocal technique, given pre-recorded vocal exercises, clear instruction and shown the application, then LOOK NO MORE!!!

At New Diamond Music, we take all the ‘quackery' OUT of the teaching! We are professional musicians, producers and teachers with a 20 year long experience in the Music industry - locally as well as internationally.

At New Diamond every student receives a real ‘VIP' treatment - as all your individual lessons are properly planned, prepared and customized for every student on regular basis.

The student's progress is closely monitored and records are kept to measure the student's improvement as well as for their personal motivation and satisfaction. It's really good to see and hear for yourself how much you have learnt and grown!

We make our claims based on ethics, experience, honesty, clear understanding of human nature and good Christian values.

At New Diamond Music we do Music Tuition Professionally
and Full time, and that means a