What can I say about New Diamond Music? When I was asked to write a testimonial for the new web site I was immediately excited. My name is Kathryn Dimitriadis and I've been a student at New Diamond music for over five years now and I have loved every minute of it.

As soon as I step into my weekly lesson I'm greeted with a smile and such warmth from my singing teacher Linda that it makes me never want to leave. Honestly, the worst part of my lesson is when I look up at the clock and it shows I have 10 minutes left. Linda and I are so comfortable with each other and a lot of that is credited to her amazing personality and love for music. I have had a good few singing and music teachers throughout my life and have never been inspired or greatly motivated by any of them; Linda however is the exception. This dedication towards music and her students is only matched by that of her husband George and they always go above and beyond the call of duty.

I have worked with both of them on many occasions, recording and playing live shows and they are the most wonderful people to be around. Never have I met two people who have touched my life so dramatically and only in the best possible way. I do not just consider Linda and George to be my teachers but look at them as extended family: that is how welcome and comfortable they make you feel.

I hope if you are reading this you realise how lucky you are to come across this site and hope you consider bringing these two people into your lives because you won't be disappointed.

If you want to sing professionally or just for fun this is definitely the place to be but I warn you, once you start you can't stop as Linda and George make music lessons so ridiculously enjoyable.

Kathyn Dimitriadis, student at New Diamond Music and completely addicted to singing.

I am delighted to have the opportunity of writing this testimonial about the New Diamond Music Studio, owned and operated by the long experienced team of Linda and George Tassone.
This extraordinarily talented husband and wife team offer tuition which includes singing, instrument playing, musicianship, song-writing and stagecraft. Additionally their professional recording facilities produce a world-class product, thus providing students and professional artistes with a complete package in entertainment, equal to none.

My singing training with Linda began almost six years ago in 2003. Along with her vast training, knowledge of all types of music and very understanding tuition, together with appearances at the Studio's annual concerts and workshops, I have been able to expand my musical horizons into many appearances in various areas. These include venues such as retirement villages, aged facilities, private functions and other appearances.

Furthermore, thanks to the Studio's thorough technical knowledge passed on to me, over the years I have acquired my own portable equipment, speakers, microphones, mixer, and amplifier which enables me to follow my interest in music and singing engagements with top-class professional backing tracks, all with quality sound.

I will always be grateful for the patient, understanding and quality training I am receiving from Linda, with her extensive array of singing styles including Ballads, Pop, Pop-rock, Blues and Classics, and also for the additional training in the Italian language for a number of popular Operatic pieces in my classical repertoire.

I wish the New Diamond Music Studio and Linda and George continued success long into the future, which I have no doubt will be the case.

                                                         Ric.Chaplin, April 2009.

My name is Diana Katsoulas, I am currently 17 years old and this is my fourth year with New Diamond Music.

I was recommended by a friend to take up singing lessons with New Diamond Music and have never looked back!

Just under four years of vocal training, with my teacher Linda, I have gained knowledge in various music styles, dramatically increased my vocal range, achieved an understanding and practice of vocal technique and stage presence, undertaken recording sessions with new diamond music and at other studios, been awarded a scholarship to a performing arts school and have won singing competitions.

New Diamond Music offers a large amount of repertoire which helps to challenge me as a student and provide me with much music choice.

I have much faith in my teacher knowing that together we can reach my vocal potential. I aspire to work in the industry and feel confident knowing that I have had quality training, encouragement and valuable advice.

I have been travelling to Hornsby from the Inner City for nearly five years now so my girls can have singing lessons with Linda. We are singers from a musical family ,but Linda has added a new dimension which has enabled one of my daughters to pass HSC music really well (her highest mark),as a confident soloist.

My youngest daughter is currently training for HSC singing and is also shining as a solo singer. She is encouraged to fulfil her potential and recently had the thrill of making her own music clip with Linda and George. Linda and George are professional, talented, supportive and friendly teachers. We are very pleased to be part of their innovative studio !
                                                                  Bev from Annandale.

It has been my privilege to have been taught by Linda for the last 6 years. She’s not only a superb teacher but has become my beautiful and valued friend. She is incredibly warm and intelligent.

She not only has an AMAZING VOICE, she also speaks many languages and has a wisdom that makes her an OUTSTANDING teacher!

New diamond music school strives for excellence in all areas of music. I have been encouraged to not only achieve in singing but to also learn the great joy of singing and music.

                                                        Sarah Roach 2009